Personal Statement

In 1980, I started my formal art education. I became interested in drawing the figure. I attended the San Francisco School of Art where I studied the fundamentals of art. In the 90s I enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts program at the San Francisco Art Institute and studied under some of the finest teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

My current series “Woman” depicts capturing the moment when the figures depicted in the painting are touched by the act they are performing, absorbed in the dance, ritual, prayer, birthing or mothering.  In their faces is the feeling or mood of the action and a light that shines from within.  Contained in these images are qualities inherent in the female from my instinct and experience, shown in the way they dress, move and portray themselves as well as the curvature of the mark making-these are real women, not the type you see in Victoria Secret which seeks to make us all conform to a certain look.  When viewing the images we can connect with the feminine qualities that are inherent in our own nature whether male or female. They are powerful and provocative. They bring to light sensuality, strength, compassion and truth.  I work in mixed media and enjoy the textures that I create with paint and paper. My journey takes me to many places, always going deeper as I weed through the tangled web of thoughts to find my heartbeat.  Where is the passion? In putting paint on the canvas, the thrill of expressing, a world where art and imagination live!

I have been influenced by many artists that have gone before me: William Blake, Klimt, Rembrandt, Gauguin, Arshille Gorky, Joan Brown, Georgia O’Keefe, Chagall, the San Francisco Bay Area Figurative Artists; so many before me—my teachers and my inspiration to continue. And then there are the artists all around me who keep on—because art drives and exalts them. And I keep on, too, on my journey into the imagination.

Education and Exhibition History

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA 1990-1993
San Francisco School of Art, San Francisco, CA  1986-1989
Study with Michael Cookinham, Sausalito, CA 1982
Study with artist James Redo, North Beach, San Francisco, California 1970-1979


2012 Solo Show, Sacred Women Series, First Unitarian Universalist Church, San Francisco, CA, March 4-May 4.
2012 San Francisco Art Institute Group Show, May 27th- June 1.
2012 Solo Show, Muddy Water’s, 16th and Valencia, San Francisco, CA February 2-March 2.
2011 Burning Man - “Her Secret Garden” Art Installation
2011 San Francisco Art Institute Group Show, May 29-June 3rd.
2011 Solo Show, Muddy Water’s, 24th and Valencia, June 4-August 20.
2010 Health and Harmony Festival, Goddess Pavilion, Entrance for Pavilion, painted columns. 
2004 Burning Man Art Installation “The Lighthouse”, August.
2003 “Temple of Initial Attraction”, Tiger & Manatee wall, grisly bear wall and orientation (original design by Degala)
          Burning Man Art Installation, August 25-September
2003 Marin Open Studios, Marin Art Council, May 3-4,  Larkspur, CA 2003 Solo show, Royal Ground, Polk and Sacramento Street, April 1-30, SF, CA
2002 “Celebration of Life” art show with Abby and Joey Bard, December 14-31, Sebastopol, CA
2002 Solo show, Royal Grounds, Polk and Sacramento Street, October 4-30, San Francisco, CA
2002 “Dance of the Goddess”, Goddess Pavilion stage backdrop for Health and Harmony Music and Arts Festival, June 8th-9th, Santa Rosa, CA
2002 “Mythology & Fantasy” First Tuesday Group show, Artisans, April 2-May 3, Mill Valley, CA
2002 “North Beach Frankenstein” Group show, Studio 939, San Francisco, CA March 22-April 26
2002 “Tingletangle”-Film showing and group show, The New Nothing Space, San Francisco, CA  January 24-February 7
2001 “Celebration of Life” art show with Abby Bard, December 1-21, Sebastopol, CA
2001 Autumn 5, Group Show, San Francisco, CA,  November 3-December 1
2001 First Tuesday at Frame-O-Rama, October 2-30th,  Mill Valley, CA
2001 First Tuesday, Group Show at Sight and Insight - “Celebrating the Spirit” February 6-March 6, Mill Valley, CA
2001 Solo show, Coffee Roastry, Fairfax, CA, September 15-October 15
2001 “Smoke Women”, book cover for Smoke by Dorriane Laux, BOA Press, New York, October
2001 Open Studios, “We the Artists” group show, Oakland, CA, June 3-4, 10-11
2001 Emeryville Lofts, Group Show, April 1-April 2
1999 Christmas Show, Vesuvio’s, North Beach, San  Francisco, CA, December 15-31
1999 Marin Open Studios, Sausalito, CA, May 15-16
1999 “Hi Mom”, commission for Dr. William Amend,  Burlingame Hills, CA
1999 Ecclectibles: Diverse Artists Sharing Muse-Inspired Art, Group Exhibition, Emeryville, CA, January 11-February 19
1999 Solo Exhibition, Hager Gallery, San Francisco, CA, September 6
1998 Youth In Arts “Italian Street Painting Festival” participant, San Rafael, CA, June 13 & 14
1998 Solo Exhibition, Royal Grounds, Polk and Vallejo, San Francisco, CA, January
1998 L’A rte della Strada, A Sidewalk Painting Festival, San Francisco, CA, Fisherman’s Wharf, June 7-8
1998 Solo Exhibition, Vesuvio’s, North Beach, San Francisco, CA, September 15-30
1998 Christmas Show, Vesuvio’s, North Beach, San  Francisco, CA, December 15-31
1993 Sixth Annual Schoonmaker Art Alliance Open  Studios, Sausalito, CA, December 4 & 5
1993 San Francisco Art Institute Student Show, SF, CA, May
1989 San Francisco School of Art Student Show, San Francisco, CA
1988 San Francisco School of Art Student Show, San Francisco, CA

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